Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Fight

Tuesday, September 9th

Kylie wasn't at school today, but I wish she had been there. Andrew and Jake were back. They're the two boys who'd passed out in class last week. But I think they let them out of the hospital too soon. At lunch, Darryl called Jake Blue-Face and Jake punched Darryl. Next thing I knew, Andrew was on top of Darryl, yanking at his hair. Mrs. Johansson, the principal, yelled at them to stop fighting, but Jake kept hitting Darryl and Andrew yanked out handfuls of hair. Julianne, one of the girls who hang all over Darryl, ran to get Nurse Joe and he injected the two boys with something. They slumped to the ground and so did Darryl. Blood poured out of his nose. Nurse Joe propped him up and tilted back his head. His jaw didn't look right. Julianne and Brooke were hugging each other and crying. The rest of us just sat there and stared. Darryl was still out when the ambulance arrived. They loaded him onto a stretcher and carried him out. The police came and cuffed Andrew and Jake and took them away. No one ate their lunch. And no one said a word the rest of the day. I wanted to ask the other kids if Andrew and Jake were usually like that, but everyone was so withdrawn they didn't even notice when I started to speak, so I just kept my mouth shut too. Hopefully Kylie will be at school tomorrow and I can ask her.

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